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We provide high quality medical aesthetic and wellness services and products in a comfortable, relaxing, convenient environment.

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If you need to pay us a visit, be aware of our practice hours

  • Monday - Thursday
    08H30 - 16H30
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    08H30 - 13H30
  • Weekends and Public Holidays

About Dr. Sunshine clinic

Dr Sunshine is a medical doctor covering all spectrums; medical, health and wellness, with different treatments individualised based on client's needs.

We use herbal life products and incorporate the blood type diet that helps to make a patient aware of the foods that are likely to affect them negatively in their weight loss journey, have come up with my own combos that fit into the pocket of each individual.

Dr Sunshine started aesthetics in 2018, doing Botox, fillers and chemical peels- for acne, skin pigmentation or spots, anti-wrinkle/anti-aging and skin rejuvenation. The main area of focus was to help women to bring back their self esteem, their confidence and reduce the burden that obesity causes in the long run. Knowing that cardiovascular disorders can be avoided. We have realized that men also need help as they can be are more ignorant to health care than women.

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Excellence in Medical

Excellence in medical services, aesthetic, wellness and surgical care

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Serving Patients

Serving patients as individuals and honoring their humanity

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Team commitment

Team commitment to respect, communication and diversity

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Leadership in advocating

Leadership in advocating for healthcare workers in our community

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To treat each client individually with utmost care as needed

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